Mosquito Control

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Mosquito Solutions & Services

Northwest Pest Patrol provides all of our residential and commercial clients mosquito control solutions.

For our communities with larger areas to treat, such as trails, parks, playgrounds, and water plants, we use an industrial mosquito backpack fogger that a technician will apply to the areas of coverage by walking the grounds.

The areas that are driving only we will provide the desired coverage for our mosquito control from our Phoenix Fogger Rig that is attached to all of our fleet vehicles. Our technicians will operate these vehicles, driving them around the communities or even cities to reduce mosquito populations during the evening.

We always start our mosquito season between March and October based on each areas needs and request. These applications help reduce the mosquito population in the desired areas treated.

Residential services include mosquito wet sprays upon request or on contract basis and installation of mosquito misting systems to give residents continuous control of their mosquito population.

No matter if you are protecting your yard, commercial facility, or a public park, mosquitos are a direct threat to customers and families. Protecting what matters most to you from mosquito-borne illnesses isn't something you'll be able to do properly without our help!

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