Lawn Care

Fly or Crawl We get them all

NorthWest Pest Patrol provides a very user-friendly program for its customers. The Lawn Care Program covers the four major turf destroying insects: chinch bugs, mole crickets, sod webworms, and fall armyworms; in addition to weed control, disease control, and fertilization. If you notice a pest problem in your yard, a simple call to our office results in a service call by a trained lawn inspector. The lawn inspector will diagnose the problem and making any necessary treatments.

Let our professionals keep your yard looking great while you sit back and enjoy it. Turner’s Lawn Program beautifies your lawn year-round, protects against pests, and keeps your family and pets safe from dangerous chemicals. We’re the only lawn care provider that takes care of your yard just the way you would.

Our trained technicians and lawn specialists provide comprehensive care, with multiple visits each year to fertilize and control pests. We assess your lawn’s condition, apply only the treatments you need, and pre-treat to prevent seasonal problems before they occur.

Fire ant management; Let us keep your summer free from painful fire ant bites with our once-a-year treatment. Free service calls are guaranteed, and you can optionally bundle fire ant treatment with our lawn program to save even more!

  • Broadleaf and grassy weed management
  • Complete fertilizer treatments, including granular applications
  • Fungus management and turf optimization products
  • Additional micronutrient treatments
  • Optional Shrub Fertilization and Disease Control Program

Give NorthWest Pest Patrol a call Today and enjoy the beautiful lawn you always wanted.