Fly or Crawl We get them all


The occurrence of pests can cause lots of problems for your business so you have to know what are best ways to get rid of them. NorthWest Pest Patrol is a professional pest management and control service provider that is able to deal with all types of industrial pests quickly and efficiently, our trained and experienced experts using the right equipment and knowledge will not cause damage to your industrial equipment nor to your workers health. These experts are going to do their task safely and correctly.

There are plenty of devices and techniques on the market that can be used in food handling areas. Some of them are not very useful and some are used incorrectly. Here is the guide for their correct use.

Electronic fly killers

It uses UV light that attracts insects. When insects get close to the grill, it electrocutes them. This device has the problem because the dying fly spins around and scatters fragments of dead insects already in the tray. Dead insect fragments can fall on food or food handling surfaces transmitting bacteria. That is not convenient for commercial usage. A better solution is the glue board or catches pad variety.

Time-release aerosols

These devices include an aerosol fitted inside of them which activates the aerosol on pre-determined intervals. In most cases, aerosol contains pyrethrin or synthetic pyrethroid insecticides. It is effective against flying insects and in smaller rooms.

Cockroach bombs

It releases aerosols that contain residual insecticide and an insect growth regulator that brake the life cycle of insects. Cockroaches’ bombs are good for flying insects that are exposed at the time of treatment.

Electromagnetic and ultrasonic devices

These devices are used for controlling rodents and insects but they are not so effective against them. Electromagnetic forces don’t repel rodents and the ultrasonic signals don’t penetrate surfaces as they cast their sound waves. It is recommended to use conventional pest control.

Integrated pest management

Integrated pest management is one of the most effective pest control programs that cover areas like building maintenance and exclusion practices, inspection and monitoring, advice about good housekeeping practices, physical and chemical control methods, and environment management.