Animal Trappings

Fly or Crawl We get them all

Your Houston and surrounding areas neighborhood can be an ideal environment for wildlife. Trash cans and pet food are an easy and attractive meal for a raccoon, squirrels or other wildlife that may be lurking at night. Your swimming pool provides a never-ending supply of fresh drinking water for these pesky critters. As harmless as their intentions may be, most wild animals can be very destructive to your property and cause danger to you and your family. Wild animals are constantly adapting to their surroundings and as their environments change so does their behavior. That is why wild animal trapping is a great solution to your ongoing battle with these neighborhood pests.


Raccoon Removal

While our friends the raccoons are adorable and look like they could be a household pet, they are not and can be particularly destructive. Wild animal trapping is a common solution to the raccoon problem you may be having. These guys have seasonal patterns, and raccoons are most destructive in the spring and summertime. Raccoons may move into your attic for a warm place to have their young can use their sharp claws to break screens to get underneath your home to make a den for their young.

Signs that raccoons may be causing damage to your home:

  • You have damage to the screens or vents around the home
  • Look under the eaves of your roof for torn shingles, or holes in the exterior
  • broken attic vents
  • Droppings may be found in and around the attic or basement or even in your garage
  • Your heating and cooling system may not be operating as well as you would expect

Inside the attic, you may find torn ducts, damaged insulation, or damaged wiring. Damaged wiring can cause a fire and should be taken seriously if it is detected.


Skunk Removal

Animal trapping is just as common with skunks, skunks have many of the same qualities and behaviors as raccoon While they look fluffy and cute and we often associate them with famous Disney movies like Snow white, skunks can be known to do major damage. They can be equally as destructive as raccoon and major pests to your household pets as you may have already experienced. Skunks have strong forefeet and long nails which make them excellent diggers among other skills. These wild animals are extremely intelligent and can drive you nuts for weeks trying to figure out why your yard may be in disarray.

Other destructive skunk behaviors include:

  • Skunks are known carriers of disease like rabies which can be deadly to humans
  • Skunks are nocturnal and will generally
  • Skunks are known for their digging skills. It is not always the Gopher doing damage to your lawn
  • Skunks can be harmful to your farm animals. They have been known to attack chicken coops.
  • Skunks are very strong and can tip over your trash can looking for food

Our Wild Animal Trapping Services can remove unwanted wildlife animals before they cause serious damage to your home or property. After receiving a call from you, one of our courteous and licensed Animal Trapping technicians will conduct a thorough inspection. First we’ll properly identify the pest, which is key for successfully trapping and removal. Then we’ll place traps at strategic locations to capture the targeted pest. We also offer wild animal exclusion services to seal any openings the animals may have found or created which will ensure you don’t have another animal re-entering your home.

Call today to find out more about our Wild Animal Trapping services.