Office Buildings

Fly or Crawl We get them all

At Northwest Pest Patrol, we can help to maintain a safe environment for office staff and visitors, and minimize the spread of disease and germs from common pests.

Business Impact of Pests

The business and economic impacts of pest infestations can ruin a business – whether it’s a city center office, museum or a rural area located pharmaceutical plant – Pests don’t discriminate, any size of business operating in any location can be vulnerable.

Pests in Offices

Pests in and around offices can cause great distress. They can also damage your office building, fittings and stock, with computer equipment and cables being particularly at risk from rodents.

In our experience, insects pose a particular problem in offices. We provide monitors to detect signs of activity and to prevent an infestation spreading quickly and disrupting your business.

Often the location and age of an office building will have an impact on the likelihood of a pest problem. Other contributing factors include a cafeteria on site, the nature of goods stored in the building and the size and layout of your offices.

Certain areas of an office can face a greater threat from particular pests.

Northwest Pest Patrol’s Pest Control Solution for Offices

We offer an absolutely free site survey for your office to assess the level of risks and to schedule a visit.

Our professional service solutions will help to ensure you comply with all the Health & Safety at Work Regulations.

Free site survey – we will carefully survey your entire office space to assess the risk level and define an appropriate service to ensure a pest problem does not take hold.

Rapid response – If there is a problem, our rapid response commitment means that your technician will be with you quickly to deal with the pest problem so that it does not return.

Regular visits – Your local technician will regularly visit your offices to check bait stations, look for signs of pest activity, identify potential risks and advise on any steps you can take to reduce the risk of pest problems.

Multi-site contracts – If you are responsible for a network of premises, these can all be incorporated into a single service agreement with an account manager to coordinate service delivery across your offices. Each individual site will still have its links to local technicians and surveyors.

Reporting – all of the information and analysis from each service visit is reported to you, this helps in understanding the situation and details of pest activity. This report together with actions taken and the recommendations made to reduce risk will always keep your office pest free.