Fly or Crawl We get them all

Pest control is highly important in the hospitality industry due to the effect they can have on the reputation of your business.

Northwest Pest Patrol has many years of experience in dealing with pest problems in hotels and catering outlets throughout the Greater Houston Area.

The cost of pest control does not need to be excessive but it is essential to recognize the risks of the various parts of the hotel and we can develop a preventative service plan to help keep you and your business protected.

Our hotel pest control services include:Kitchen and Dining areas:

Particular protection is needed in the kitchen, restaurant and dining areas from mice, rats, flies and cockroaches as they have a high potential of spreading disease. We can provide essential, proactive treatment in these areas to ensure environmental health inspections are passed.

Hotel Rooms and Accommodation:

Bed bugs and biting insects are the biggest potential risk to hotel accommodation.

Bed Bugs are also a growing problem in the hotel industry. Swift action against bed bugs is key. Early detection is essential and innovative treatments are required to ensure that they do not spread across the building. We can put measures in place to help protect your hotel as well as provide training to staff to spot early signs of infestations.

Our trained staff are on hand to offer advice and treatment for infestations as well as preventative pest control services to ensure infestations are avoided and kept under control.

Exterior Areas:

We can provide advice on storing rubbish and also can provide pest presentation in the grounds of your hotel including bird control.