Food Services

Fly or Crawl We get them all

The food service industry is an industry where a quality pest control program is absolutely crucial. The sighting of just a single pest can damage your brand’s reputation. Northwest Pest Patrol’s experts will design a custom program tailored specifically to your needs and will make sure that you are in full compliance with your local health codes. Not only can pests give you low scores on inspections, they also can contaminate foods and damage your reputation. That is why Northwest Pest Patrol’s programs are proactive in nature focusing on preventing pest problems before they can occur. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an integral part of every one of Northwest Pest Patrol’s pest management programs. IPM is the use of integrated techniques, such as exclusion, sanitation and baiting to control pests. In addition, Northwest Pest Patrol utilizes tools such as reports on pest location, type, structural and sanitation deficiencies to enable us to maintain an open line of communication with the customer. This is a critical component which enables us to form a partnership to maintain a pest free environment.

Our pest control solutions provide the food service industry with a partnership they can rely on for all of their pest and facility maintenance needs including:

  • Commercial brand protection.
  • On-site sanitation and facility deficiency reports.
  • Fast response times from highly trained and licensed technicians.
  • Quality Assurance through regular service audits.
  • A proactive approach that alleviates on-site conditions conducive to pest activity and limits the risks associated with traditional pest control practices.
  • Pest exclusion.
  • On-site training for staff.
  • A wide range of custom pest control service options.

Unlike any other program on the market, Northwest Pest Patrol Pest Control’s food service programs deliver a powerful combination of unique benefits developed specifically for the restaurant industry.