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Specialists in Food & Beverage Processing industry pest management

Here at Northwest Pest Patrol we understand the specialist requirements of food & beverage processing industry pest control. Our specialist food & beverage processing industry pest management services are here to help you ensure your manufacturing, storage facilities and food & beverage products are pest free. Our technicians and auditors carry out risk assessments to determine the number of visits and type of controls required in your facility.

In-depth technical inspections

We want to make sure that we’re giving you the best possible service, so we’ll work with you to assess the nature, source, size and extent of the pest problem in or around a food & beverage premises. Our technical inspectors, often work alongside a specialized biologist/entomologist will discuss your specific pest issues. We’ll present solutions may include detailed machine internal inspections, proofing and cleaning improvements.

We can provide pest awareness training courses for your staff.

Pest control assessments

A pest control based HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) assessment will determine the areas where there could be risks to your manufacturing process. We examine all stages of the process from raw materials to finished goods and storage to transport, to identify critical points of pest threat.

Where applicable a risk assessment can be carried out in accordance with regulations for food & beverage processing safety and we are up-to-date with major industrial and retailer specifications. Pest threshold limit values can be agreed upon to help reduce incidents to a manageable level. Once we have a clear plan of action, we’ll get to work to ensure that your business is pest-free.

Routine visits and follow up visits

We can arrange to visit your premises with an agreed bespoke level of technician visits with audits and management meetings to discuss all findings and corrective actions. Follow up visits are implemented in accordance with health regulations and other retailer specifications. You’ll find that we can provide you with detailed reports to ensure that any infestations are being effectively managed in the best way possible.