Fly or Crawl We get them all

Northwest Pest Patrol are experts in farming & agricultural pest controlRemoving pests from your farm, ranches, and agricultural land

We offer flexible solutions for your business, we understand the damage that rodents and insects can impact your revenue, buildings and machinery. A pest issue can cause the spread of disease and contamination of stock. This could result in costly grain rejection. Our contracts are tailored to your needs and you can be rest assured that our trained technicians comply with all crop assurance schemes.

The team you can trust

We have supported the farming community for over many years by specializing in removing and deterring pest problems. We have an extensive client base which includes farms, ranches, studs, grain store facilities, pig, poultry, sheep farms and small holdings.

Fumigation and grain care services include:

  • Commodity, chamber and grain fumigation
  • Pre-harvest grain store cleaning and spraying
  • Grain monitoring using temperature and moisture probes
  • Insect and mite detection
  • Store condition reporting
  • Fumigation of infested cereals, seeds and pulses
  • Pre-harvest insecticidal treatment
  • Vertebrae control (birds and rodents)
  • Insect and mite management
  • Supply of pit-fall traps and sieves

Fumigation and grain care for agriculture and Fumigation of commoditiesKeeping your grain in top condition

When you have a large amount of grain, keeping it clean and safe against pests is of the utmost importance. Our experts have a wealth of experience in fumigation and grain care services and offer our services throughout Houston and surrounding areas.

Experts in fumigation for agriculture

  • Commodity fumigation
  • Chamber fumigation
  • Grain fumigation
  • Pre-harvest grain store cleaning and spraying
  • Insect and mite identification with advice on control
  • Grain monitoring using temperature and moisture probes, insect and mite detection and store condition reporting

Covering all aspects for you

  • Fumigation of infested cereals, seeds and pulses
  • Pre harvest insecticidal treatment
  • Monitoring of stored grain (temperature, humidity, condition, trapping, sieving and an infestation report)
  • Supply of pitfall traps, magnifying lenses and sieves etc.
  • Fumigation of infested furniture, rugs and carpets and other personal belongings

So if you have got unwelcome visitors, please call Northwest Pest Patrol at (281) 469-7378, immediately and let us take care of your problem.