Questions People Frequently Ask Northwest Pest Patrol Staff

Is your pest control safe for babies?

Depending on the type of insecticide and its application, it would be best for you and the baby to remain out of the treated premises for a couple of hours.

What is the procedure of a visit by one of the pest control experts?

As soon as your appointment is scheduled, we will send an experienced and certified professional, who will decide on the type of poison and bait to be used, depending on the pest.

What equipment does your company use?

All of the insecticides we use are in complaince with the safety standards. The chemicals we use are certified and of high quality.

What pests do you treat?

We treat bed bugs, mice, rats, wasps, fleas, moths, cockroaches, ants, spiders, silverfish, squirrels, flies, woodworm, pigeons, bees, dust mites, carpet beetles and we also offer fumigation treatment. For more information please give us a call and we will be happy to reply to your query.

Do you handle residential, commercial and industrial premises?

Yes, we work with all kinds of clients and properties.

How quickly will you respond to my problem and how soon can my home be treated?

You can call any time for questions or bookings. Usually we can be there within few hours, if not certainly in the same day. However, if the nearest appointment available is a couple of days, we will provide you with information on how to deal with the problem in the meantime.

What kind of training have the pest technicians passed?

The technicians at Northwest Pest Patrol have the required training needed to carry out the service in a highly professional manner.

What will a pest control technician do for me?

Inspect your property, evaluate damages and size of the infestation. Afterwards, they will treat the affected areas and provide you with the needed information to prevent further re-infestations.

Do I have to leave my home when it’s being treated?

Depending on the treatment. If it involves spraying you have to leave the space where sprays are being applied at least for a couple of hours. However, you will be instructed beforehand according to your personalized service.

Do I need to treat my property monthly?

No, you don’t. The technicians have a strict schedule when treatments are needed. In no case are monthly visits required.

How can I tell what type of pest problem I have?

If you have doubts about what kind of roach, spider or rodent is infesting your property, the best and most sure way to identify it is by scheduling an inspection with one of the Northwest Pest Patrol technician.

How serious does the pest infestation have to be to get professional help?

Pests reproduce extremely fast and they are even better at hiding from our sight. Seeing an individual one is almost always a sign of an infestation on the premises. When people try to handle the problem themselves, they might get the ones they see, but are usually inefficient in getting rid of the entire population, as it’s always hidden.

Can I use pesticides myself?

Yes you can, but it will be the same as self medication in case of an illness.

Are all insects pests?

Absolutely not. Many insects have a vital part in our ecosystem, we treat only the ones that pose a threat or nuisance to our customers.

Is there a connection between pests and asthma in children?

Yes, bed bugs and cockroaches are known to trigger allergies and even lead to developing asthma in children. Their saliva, droppings and decomposing bodies contain allergens which trigger allergies and worsen asthma attacks.

What do I need to do before a bed bug treatment?

Remove all bedding and linens – sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers and etc. Bag them all up in the same room so the infestation doesn’t spread to the rest of the house. Hot wash on 60-90′ C. Proceed doing the same with clothing around or under the affected areas, especially items stored under the bed – must be emptied and their content must also be hot washed. Hoover meticulously all areas of the bedroom including both sides of the mattress. You will be provided with further instructions before and after the scheduled bed bugs treatment.

How do I prevent mice from entering my home?

Sealing all visible cracks, gaps and openings is the best way. However, full prevention is rarely a possibility.

I have small bite marks on my skin when I wake up in the morning, why is that?

It’s most probably a bed bug infestation. Look for other signs such as small dirts on your sheets, that is what their droppings look like.

If the inside of my cabinets/cupboards are treated, do I need to wash them after the service?

No. You can clean your cabinets before the treatment, if so please remove any loose shelf paper.

Why does it take more than one treatment for bed bugs and rodents?

These pests have different life cycles than other target species. During certain stages of their life cycles, treatments work only partially, so we have to catch them between these dormant cycles in order to fully manage their population.

Is quoting free?

Yes, we are always happy to give you a free quote for your current pest problem.